Emily to Replace Helena Bonham Carter for new role?

It’s official, Emily will be in WIld Targets with Rupert Grint. Now if you go to the message boards someone stated that according to Rupert Grint’s offical site it says that Emily replaced Helena Bonham Carter.

We got this from Rupert’s agency. He confirmed to us that Emily Blunt will be replacing HBC. I don’t know why news like this takes awhile. lol I guess most sites like an official press release or something.  “

Thanks to Nikki for the Official information!


  1. Kaye says

    Sorry, but that isn’t Rupert’s official site at all! He doesn’t have one. It’s just some fan site!

  2. jo says

    Hi I don’t know if your email works or not but I tried emailing you here with some Wild target news. I work on a Rupert Grint site. Email me. :) And yes we are a fansite, Rupert does not have an offical fansite but we are in touch with Rupert’s family and his agent so we are as good as official!

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