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  1. João says:

    Thanks for these!

  2. Marcelamax says:

    departure…? So I guess she spent her birthday w/ John, han? Nice!
    can´t wait for next week , I’m hoping to see a lot of Emily, because of the promotions for “Young Victoria”

  3. Nikki says:


    Bootleg Wolfman Trailer: But you can see it pretty well. This is actually kind of old, they showed it at Comic Con last year. But I never got a chance to see it because it was taken off of youtube.

  4. H says:

    I sent you these, can you at least credit? :(

  5. Angelic says:

    @ H,

    Yes you sent me these candids in high quality, but I have not uploaded those. The ones I uploaded are medium quality :)

    I will upload them later tonight, thanks for sending me the candids in high quality as previously I wanted to thank you but your email address isn’t working for me :)

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