Bill Nighy : Bill Nighy ‘terribly’ admires Emily Blunt

Brit actor Bill Nighy, who usually feels out of place among the glitz and glamour, walked the red carpet at The Young Victoria premiere in Leicester Square .

Nighy, 59, revealed that the only reason he was there was because of his admiration for rising star Emily Blunt.

“I usually feel a bit of a lemon at premieres,” the Daily Express quoted him as saying.

“I don’t even like going to my own but I am here to support Emily because she is someone I admire terribly.

“I do love period dramas but I am really here to watch her. Emily is one of Britain’s greatest talents but she treats me with little or no respect, which is refreshing. She is incredibly charming, funny and glamorous with great depth. I’m excited for her,” he added.

Source: Entertainment and Showbiz

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