Blunt stars in The Young Victoria

Of all the love stories that have defined the British monarchy, none tugs the heartstrings quite like Victoria and Prince Albert.

The Young Victoria (PG) – partly filmed at Belvoir Castle – traces the romance from the initial sparks of attraction.

to marriage, revealing the private frustrations of the young queen as she attempts to walk a minefield of political intrigue and stringent social etiquette.

Everyone, it seems, wants to manipulate Victoria (Emily Blunt) for their own ends, all apart from Albert (Rupert Friend), who defies protocol to assist the princess in outwitting the schemers, telling her that she must stop being a pawn in other people’s games and take control.The Young Victoria has a similar look and feel to The Duchess, boasting gorgeous sets and costumes and a haunting orchestral score.

Produced by Sarah Ferguson – look out for a fleeting appearance by Princess Beatrice in the opening minutes – the film adheres closely to fact, although the pomp and pageantry tend to obscure the emotion in Julian Fellowes’ script, despite the best efforts of Blunt and Friend to stoke the flames of their characters’ mutual admiration and attraction.

The weekend matinee, The Pink Panther 2 (PG), is a vehicle for Steve Martin, as Inspector Clouseau, to star in a number of set pieces, falling down a chimney, donning the guise of a flamenco dancer and impersonating the Pope.

The plot revolves (yet again) around the theft of a legendary diamond from under the noses of the gendarme in Paris. It’s fun but hardly the cat’s whiskers.

Source: Melton Times