Review: Adams, Blunt handle reeking havoc in ‘Sunshine Cleaning’

IT’S A LITTLE hard at first imagining such vibrant actresses as Amy Adams and Emily Blunt playing loser sisters in the offbeat dramedy “Sunshine Cleaning,” but they have you believing in their characters even if the rest of the film is a stretch.

“Sunshine Cleaning,” directed by Christine Jeffs (“Sylvia”), begins with a bang: A suicide splatters himself all over a sporting-goods store. Mac (Steve Zahn), the Albuquerque, N.M., cop investigating, notices how much the cleaning company charges to tidy up and mentions it to Rose (Adams), his former high school sweetheart with whom he’s now having an affair. [Read more…]

Actress Emily Blunt: A star who’s about to be born

Despite indelible performances as Anne Hathaway’s tormentor in “The Devil Wears Prada” and as Tom Hanks’ seductress/underwear model in “Charlie Wilson’s War,” Emily Blunt remains a household-name-in-the-making probably because she’s such a chameleon.

But the star, as they say, is on the rise: The London-born actress can now be seen as a savvy publicist in “The Great Buck Howard”; as Amy Adams’ lost-soul sister in “Sunshine Cleaning”; and, soon, as “The Young Victoria.” We recently spoke with the 26-year-old actress: [Read more…]

Emily Blunt Speaks Out About Losing ‘Iron Man 2’ Role

Earlier this month, it seemed Emily Blunt was poised to make the leap from critically adored actress to household name. Word was she’d been cast as Black Widow in the sequel to last year’s $580 million blockbuster comic book adaptation “Iron Man.” After her scene-stealing “Devil Wears Prada” role and a gripping turn in “Sunshine Cleaning ” (in theaters now), a major part in a big-budget tentpole movie seemed only appropriate. [Read more…]

Emily Blunt Left Starstruck by Johnny Depp

Emily Blunt was lost for words when she met Johnny Depp for the first time.

The British actress – who plays Queen Victoria in the new film The Young Victoria – says she was left so starstruck when she saw the Pirates of The Caribbean star onset of on the set of Alice In Wonderland she couldn’t bring herself to look at him.

She says, “I got star struck with Johnny Depp. I went to visit Anne [Hathaway] on the set of Alice in Wonderland and I walked past him. I couldn’t even look at him. He was right there!

“What is it about him? Everything I guess.” [Read more…]

Brit blunt about American accent

Emily Blunt is British to the core, London-born, a veteran of the West End stage and many a BBC production.

In spite of break-out work in her native accent in films such as The Devil Wears Prada, Blunt is finding her greatest fame on the big screen in playing Americans.

In Charlie Wilson’s War, The Jane Austen Book Club and the new film Sunshine Cleaning, Blunt leaves her Britishness at home and becomes as American as the best of them.

“If you’re in America a lot, it’s easy to get into playing American,” she says. “All of it, the sounds, the energies – all very different. [Read more…]

Another Positive ‘Sunshine Cleaning’ Review

Am I the only one on the planet who liked “Little Miss Sunshine,” sort of, without believing a second of it? I never believed those nutty, single-trait characters belonged to the same fractured family. I didn’t believe the rousing feel-good finale. What I liked, I liked because of what the performers did to transcend their own material.

I prefer the equally modest ” Sunshine Cleaning,” again without believing a second of it. It shares with the other audience-friendly “Sunshine” film a key word in its title; a setting, at least in part (Albuquerque); a key supporting actor ( Alan Arkin as a crusty paternal figure); and a rather studied sense of quirk. Nonetheless, the performers get a lot going, and the ensemble’s very easy company.
[Read more…]

‘Sunshine Cleaning’ Review

Despite its perky title, ‘Sunshine Cleaning’ is much darker than its producers’ previous film, ‘Little Miss Sunshine,’ as it ventures simply and realistically into suicide, adultery and loss. The film will be introduced to Turkish audiences at the 28th International Film Festival next month

It has become a genre all its own: the dysfunctional-family indie comedy, a staple of film festivals and art-house theaters alike.

Done wrong, and these movies can seem too self-consciously quirky (and by now, “quirky” feels like a word that was created especially to describe this kind of film). Done right, and you’ve got a “Little Miss Sunshine” or a “Juno” on your hands. [Read more…]

Emily will Shoot you

Dangerously hot British thesp Emily Blunt has, along with Anthony Hopkins, joined the cast of OCEAN’S ELEVEN and MATCHSTICK MEN writer Ted Griffin’s upcoming directorial effort SHOOT THE MESSENGER. The story is based on Irvin Yalom’s novel “Lying on the Couch” and in the interest of promoting laziness, here’s a copy and pasted official plot synopsis: [Read more…]