Emily Blunt: ‘Michael Buble Split Was Embarrassing’

Emily Blunt kept quiet about her split from singer fiancé Michael Buble for weeks because she was too embarrassed to tell her pals she was single again.

The Devil Wears Prada beauty admits she was so distraught by the break-up she decided to hide away so she didn’t have to face the world.She says, “A break-up is agonizing and it’s a horribly anguished thing to go through.

“It’s really tough. From my point of view — why would you make that public? Why would you put it out there for everyone’s discussion? It’s embarrassing.”

Blunt, 26, recently revealed she was keen to appear on Dancing With The Stars.

Source: Show Biz Spy

  • Sam

    First, the interviewer is an idiot, because he wasn’t her fiance. Second, I understand it was hell for her, but there’s nothing at all embarassing about no longer being with that d***weed, so it’s really too bad she felt that way and couldn’t get support from her friends. Third, I do wish that she would stop talking about him all together. He doesn’t deserve a mention. She’s got a new MAN, with a huge emphasis on man, why bring up the past she spent with that little boy.

  • João

    Thanks for this!

  • Boudicca

    Sam, I think they were engaged by the time she moved in with him in Canada. I agree that she needs to stop talking about him. I met him while they were still together. My friend had been helping him buy some cloths for her at a boutique in Malibu, very expensive, and he kept smarming her, like you could tell he thought my friend was hot. She was 19 at the time. He’s so gross.
    Emily keeps saying she’s learned from the experience to keep her romantic life private, but i think she’s picking and choosing now. There was an interview before this where she refused to talk about Canada, as a country, because it was “too painful”, but here she’s saying how she was too embarrassed to tell her friends she was single again. Odd distinction.

  • Allie

    Why is she still talking about it if it was so “embarrassing” and “painful”?? Let it go already!

  • mandy

    well its not really her fault for mentioning again. I mean, its hard enough for her to even get reminded of the breakup not to mention being able to explain and talk about it over and over again because of the continuous questions from interviewers brought up every time they get to chat. Emily’s actually doing quite well keeping the breakup process to herself compared to other celebs out there who expose all they can. Thanks for the update btw :)

  • meiling

    I couldn’t agree with you more Sam! Emily has nothing to be embarrassed about- He’s a cheat and she should be happy that she’s found a man that hopefully will treat her right!