Emily Blunt Explains The Wolfman’s Delays + New Poster

The release date for The Wolfman has been delayed several times, leading to much online speculation as to what was going wrong with the Joe Johnston directed production. Emily Blunt, who stars in the movie, explained to ShockTillYouDrop why she thinks the movie has suffered from so many delays.

I think with a film like that, because there are special effects and it’s a big movie, you can’t accelerate its release date. It’s not fair and so I think it just needed some more time. They needed to cook a little bit more. But the film is so good, so I’m really happy that they waited and I think it’s the best time for people to see it. This fall is all about the awards seasons and all of that, so I don’t know if it’s that kind of film. It’s not. It’s a werewolf movie. It’s a brilliant…more of a throwback to the old Lon Chaney films and it’s classic and gothic and eerie but I don’t think it competes with the slasher movies in that way because I think it’s better. I did my job, they loved the movie so, I almost feel this is the best time because I feel like more people are going to see it in February anyway.

Blunt may be able to give some context to the delays, but couldn’t explain why editors Walter Murch and Mark Goldblatt were hired to help work on the movie, including the footage from six weeks of reshoots.

I don’t know what happens behind those scenes. I think it’s important to get as many influences as possible on a film of that scale, with that much effects that need to take place.

Whatever Murch and Goldblatt did, it seemed to have the desired effect. The MPAA has rated the movie “R” for “bloody horror, violence, and gore”. Blunt may not feel feel like The Wolfman will compete with slasher movies, but the rating is good news to slasher fans, who will make up a large percentage of The Wolfman‘s audience.