2010 Most Anticipated Films: ‘The Wolfman’ & ‘The Adjustment Bureau’

The Wolfman & The Adjustment Bureau are listed one of the ‘2010 Most Anticipated Films‘.

The Wolfman
Release Date: February 12

The Who: Directed by Joe Johnston; Written by Andrew Kevin Walker; Starring Benecio del Toro, Emily Blunt, and Anthony Hopkins

The Pitch: Another re-imagining of a classic tale, I think del Toro has the creepy charisma to bring a character like this to life. It’s a perversion of man, a look into the dark soul of someone forced to be violent, and it promises to have an intense amount of gnashing teeth. Plus, can you really go wrong with Rick Baker involved?

The Adjustment Bureau
Release Date: TBA

The Who: Directed by George Nolfi; Based on the short story by Phillip K. Dick; Starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt
The Pitch: Phillip K. Dick’s short story about a man in a changing reality is brilliant and includes some very cool imagery that would translate well to film. I have no idea if it’s been translated with this adaptation, but George Nolfi (in his first stint as director) is a great writer, and Matt Damon is one of the best working actors today. Pair him with Emily Blunt, toss in Terence Stamp and Anthony Mackie with a heavy dose of science fiction, and I have no idea why you wouldn’t get excited.

Source: Film School Rejects