Emily Blunt on ELLE Magazine Cover

Emily Blunt snagged the cover of Septemeber’s Elle UK and while she looks fab in the nude and black lace ensemble, it’s her comments inside the cover that have us in love.

Blunt — perhaps as a result of her side-splitting and pitch-perfect turn as the world’s bitchiest assistant in The Devil Wears Prada or perhaps it’s the fact that she recently wed adorable everyman actor Jon Krasinski — is probably one of our favorite actresses in Hollywood. It helps that her red carpet style is almost flawless. Which is why it’s refreshing to hear her speak out against airbrushing. She told Elle UK:

“I don’t like it when they stretch you out and make you all long and skinny. It makes you look like a Barbie. Who the hell looks like that?”

Good question.

You can view the video here.

Source: Style Elite