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I like this trend of actresses saying a potential yes to the Devil Wears Prada movie sequel, but with conditions. First Meryl Streep had that amazing reaction, and now Emily Blunt is following suit. Talking to HuffPo UK about whether she’d reprise the role of hilariously droll “first assistant” Emily, she laid down the law:

“What Meryl said was she’d do it if she didn’t have to lose the f***ing weight, that was her quote.

“And I’d probably say the same because they made me lose weight for that. I was playing that character who was on the edge of ill thin just desperately trying to maintain her weight.

“I feel with sequels you can be in tricky territory because that movie was so special and cool, so we’ll see if everyone else wants to do it.”

I’d be curious if weight actually became a deal breaker on this! One could argue that as actors, these ladies are paid to approximate their characters down to waist size. After all, you have to imagine that part of the brilliance of Emily’s scene where she details how she licks blocks of cheese as dinner was that the actress Emily probably hadn’t been grabbing lunch from the craft services table on-set.

At the same time, it sucks when Hollywood expects its actresses to whittle themselves down to an unhealthy weight. Plus, since Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns is set eight years after the first book and has everyone older and (hopefully) working in more humane conditions, it might actually fit that they’d be a normal weight instead of skin and bones. Either way, good for Emily for standing up for herself. Now we’re waiting to hear from Anne Hathaway, who was more than willing to drop the pounds to play a starving prostitute in Les Miserables.

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British actress Emily Blunt talks about her role alongside Jason Segel in the comedy The Five-Year Engagement.

What drew her to the project and what was it like working with popular producer Judd Apatow?

So how did a class act like you get involved with the Judd Apatow crew?

Jason Segel and I have been friends for a while. I did a day on the The Muppets and he came up to me and said he’d written a project and he really wanted us to do it together.

The approach was very casual and the idea seemed very organic. There wasn’t any going through agents. It was just, ‘I’ve written this thing. I’d love it if you and I can do it’.

What were your first impressions of the script?

It had been a while since I’d read something that really captured how shape-shifting relationships can be with people who are young.

There are a lot of patterns involved, and what I loved was how it dealt with the dynamic changing between two people in a relationship, and how if one is happier than the other that affects the feelings in the relationship.

I thought it was really smart to have the guy be happier at first, then seeing what happens when the girl becomes happier and how that emasculates the guy. Then it shows how her success starts to have a bad effect on him.

I just thought it was very true to life and that there was a lot in it that made sense. I’ve met couples that have been together, engaged for seven years and never been married. They seem to deal with some of the similar issues we deal with in the film. Read more…

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EMILY Blunt will be forever grateful to George Clooney for letting her get married at his home.

The 29-year-old star tied the knot with actor John Krasinski in July 2010 and the Hollywood heartthrob offered the couple the use of his property on Lake Como, in Italy, so they could conduct their nuptials in private.

“Is it a ranch, would you call it a ranch. At his place. His lake, it was lovely, so beautiful. He was very nice to give it to us, it was very kind,” Emily said.

Despite his generosity, the British actress jokingly claimed George wasn’t invited to the wedding.

“George we would love to get married at your place but can you leave? That would be great,” Emily said she told George.

Emily can currently be seen in Five-Year Engagement and she believes the comedy film will cause arguments between couples who have been engaged for a long time.

But the actress believes she and John had the “right” distance between their engagement and wedding ceremony.

“It was like a year, that’s how you do it, I think probably couples that have been engaged for many years will go and see this film and get into an argument,” she said.

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