Blunt and Krasinski play prank on Kimmel

ovie couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski played a cruel Christmas prank on neighbour Jimmy Kimmel by sneaking into his home and setting up large mechanical decorations in his living room.

The funnyman was at work when the actors erected a flashing snowman and Santa Claus inside his home after breaking in.

Kimmel told Blunt he was initially terrified when she appeared as a guest on his late-night U.S. TV show on Tuesday, but found the joke hilarious and took a photo, which he showed off on the program….

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Emily Blunt wishes she had gone to university

Emily Blunt regrets not going to university.

The British actress — who landed her first movie role in “Boudica” at age 20 — thinks by skipping higher education she missed out on the chance to learn about life and make mistakes away from the public eye.

She said: “I just wish I’d had that experience and that time to really mess up, and to be around fellow people who had no idea that they were throwing caution to the wind.”

The 28-year-old screen beauty — who is married to actor John Krasinski and was previously engaged to Michael Buble — admits she has made bad decisions trying to keep up with other stars, and is grateful to have settled down with someone who makes her feel fulfilled….

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