Emily Blunt says John Krasinski is “well practiced” for Fatherhood

The Young Victoria siren Emily Blunt has revealed that she believes her husband of less than a year will be a great father because he is well practiced.

The English brunette babe who married The Office funnyman John Krasinski last July said“Johns well-practiced. I grew up with a younger brother and sister who are quite a bit younger than me. So, at 8 years old, I was sitting there with a baby, probably really pissed off [because] he was puking on me.” [Read more…]

Alison Brie To Play Emily Blunt’s Sister In ‘Five-Year Engagement’

There hasn’t been much movement on Judd Apatow’s Five Year Engagement lately. We knew that Jason Segel and Emily Blunt would be playing a couple whose long term relationship is chronicled in the comedy, to be directed by Nicholas Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) but that’s old news already. What’s new is that Community’s Alison Brie is on board, set to play sister to Blunt.

Stoller and Segel wrote the screenplay for the film, which will be produced by Apatow and Shauna Robertson. Brie told Variety that the production is set to get underway around the end of April and that she’s a huge fan of the work of the Apatow clan, stating that Sarah Marshall is “”one of my favorite films ever.””

Bottom line: more Brie is better. I can only get so much of her on Mad Men and Community; it’s time she broke out and became the movie star she was born to be. You can see her next on the big screen in April’s Scream 4.

Source: Variety

Matt Damon and Emily Blunt Chat Adjustment Bureau

Luckily, the duo just so happen to be starring in writer-director George Nolfi’s romance/thriller THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, which addresses the above questions directly. Based on the short story Adjustment Team by Philip K. Dick, the film centers on the seemingly forbidden relationship between politician David Norris (Matt Damon) and dancer Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt). As the narrative continues, the two are kept apart by a mysterious team of adjusters (otherwise known as the adjustment bureau) who claim it’s in everyone’s best interest if they go their separate ways.

Was there ever a real-life moment where you felt fate was so strong that you could not ignore it?

Matt cunningly replied: “I think Emily’s chance to work with me, must have been one of those moments…”

Emily shares: “I have one story which is pretty cool. I remember I didn’t get into this very amazing school that my sister went to and I wanted to be just like my sister. It’s this school called Westminster in London which is fiercely competitive. She gets in because she’s a brainiac and I don’t because I’m obviously not. So I remember at 16 just being completely devastated and my life was over and this was so sad. I ended up at my second choice school which had a good drama department – I previously hadn’t considered acting. But, I did a play through my school that went to a festival, I got an agent, he’s still my agent – and now I’m here with you. If I had gone to the other school I wouldn’t be doing this job, guaranteed. Really, it was meant to happen that I never went there.” [Read more…]


Blunt and Krasinski play prank on Kimmel

ovie couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski played a cruel Christmas prank on neighbour Jimmy Kimmel by sneaking into his home and setting up large mechanical decorations in his living room.

The funnyman was at work when the actors erected a flashing snowman and Santa Claus inside his home after breaking in.

Kimmel told Blunt he was initially terrified when she appeared as a guest on his late-night U.S. TV show on Tuesday, but found the joke hilarious and took a photo, which he showed off on the program. [Read more…]

Emily Blunt wishes she had gone to university

Emily Blunt regrets not going to university.

The British actress — who landed her first movie role in “Boudica” at age 20 — thinks by skipping higher education she missed out on the chance to learn about life and make mistakes away from the public eye.

She said: “I just wish I’d had that experience and that time to really mess up, and to be around fellow people who had no idea that they were throwing caution to the wind.”

The 28-year-old screen beauty — who is married to actor John Krasinski and was previously engaged to Michael Buble — admits she has made bad decisions trying to keep up with other stars, and is grateful to have settled down with someone who makes her feel fulfilled. [Read more…]