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The Subtle Rise of Emily Blunt

It was not until her breakthrough performance as the condescending and sarcastic Emily Charlton in the 2006 film, The Devil Wear Prada that Emily Blunt’s career took off. She is now benefiting from higher profile leads, such as Queen Victoria in her most recent film, The Young Victoria. I spoke to Blunt on the phone from Los Angeles the day after The Golden Globe Awards, where she was nominated for Best Actress for that performance.

The 26 year-old English actress spoke briefly about how she first became aware of The Young Victoria, “I heard about it from my agent actually, who had managed to get hold of a script quite early on. So I think it was still being developed at that point. They were looking to attach someone. So I think I went in as a real early bird and thank god, because I am sure there were thousands of people behind me wanting to go for the same part because this was a such a great role. So I was really thrilled to get in there early.” [Read more…]

Win The Wolfman prize packs

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Inspired by the classic Universal Pictures film that launched the legacy of horror, The Wolfman reclaims the myth of a man whose curse transforms him into something less than human.

Lawrence Talbot (Benicio Del Toro) is lured back to his family estate after the disappearance of his brother. Reunited in crisis with his estranged father (Sir Anthony Hopkins), Talbot sets out to find his brother…but discovers an even more horrifying destiny for himself.

Also starring Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving, The Wolfman is in Cinemas February 11.

To be in the draw for one of ten prize packs comprising a double, in-season pass to see the film and a Wolfman t-shirt, simply name all the Colin Firth and Julianne Moore films featured in the photo gallery attached.

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Entries close February 10, 2010. Please refer to the competition Terms and Conditions for further information.

Source: Brisbane Times

Emily Blunt admits she doesn’t always get on with her costars

The British actress — who has previously worked with Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep – has revealed she does not always find harmony on movie sets.

Although Blunt didn’t dish the dirt on exactly who was a nightmare to work with she lets on it was a really dull time of her life that she never wants to repeat again.

“Working with different actors can be easy and it can be difficult,” she said. “Sometime you strike gold with the on screen chemistry and blow it out of the water, and sometimes it’s like…paint drying!”

Blunt, 26, recently revealed that she goes drinking in dive bars to avoid the paparazzi.

“Handling fame is all about the choices you make. Like, where do you want to go eat dinner? Don’t go to the party scenes, don’t go where you know people are going to take your pictures. Just go find a dive bar,” she said.

“Why do you have to go to a scene, you know? You can have more fun in other places.”

Source: ShowBiz Spy