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Emily Blunt in Vanity Fair Mag Shoots

I have uploaded new photoshoots of Emily for Vanity Fair magazine, she looks FAB!

A fancy-dress ball on the deck of theTitanic? Or a firm bet on the future of civilization? The author argues that amid gloom and disaster the couture collections may be more vital than ever, as Michael Roberts photographs Emily Blunt (The Young Victoria) in some of the season’s most extravagant creation. Read more..

– Studio Photoshoots: Michael Roberts [Vanity Fair] (2009)

Blunt wants ‘Dancing With The Stars’ spot

Emily Blunt has reportedly pleaded with television producers to let her be on Dancing With The Stars.

The actress is said to be obsessed with the show and has always wanted to be a part of the celebrity cast, according to WENN.

The 26-year-old is also a big fan of the show’s UK counterpart Strictly Come Dancing.

“Strictly Come Dancing is an obsession for my entire family. I don’t watch much TV but I like that show,” she said. “You will see me on Strictly or the US version, Dancing With The Stars.”

Blunt added that she would absolutely participate on either programme if offered the chance to compete.

Source: Digital Spy

For actress Emily Blunt, balance matters

Sounding as if she’s quoting a chapter from the gospel of Ari, the super-agent on HBO’s Entourage, Emily Blunt offers her approach to building an acting career.

“You have to mix it up,” Blunt says. “Do one for them, one for me.”

Though she has two new movies in theaters – the recently released Sunshine Cleaning and The Great Buck Howard – it’s hard to say which is for her and which is for “them,” since both are quirky little movies. They each have their stars: Amy Adams, fresh from her Oscar-nominated performance in Doubt, stars in Sunshine Cleaning, and Buck Howard features John Malkovich as the titular entertainer. But neither movie is the sort of boffo box-office studio project that Ari would endorse….

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Review: Sunshine Cleaning

Amy Adams and Emily Blunt play two sisters who stumble into the crime scene cleanup business, with disastrous results. Aiming to be a smart, quirky comedy with a hard edge, the film lacks the emotional sophistication it needed to reach the finish line, but it does offer a few good moments thanks to performance value. Alan Arkin and Steve Zahn co-star.

Starring: Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Alan Arkin and Steve Zahn.

Rating: Two stars out of five

Contrived quirkiness can be as awkward and cringe-inducing as bad acting. It’s like watching a swimmer tread water with one arm or a figure skater land a triple toe-loop fanny first: Everything starts to look harder than it really should be….

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Emily Blunt USA Today Interview

Brit Emily Blunt won over audiences stateside with her underfed fashionista in The Devil Wears Prada. For her latest role, in Sunshine Cleaning (expanding to more cities Friday), the Golden Globe winner trades designer duds for biohazard gear she must wear to clean up crime scenes — a business she starts with her sister (Amy Adams). Blunt, 26, joins a reporter for a spot of tea at hip West Hollywood hotel Palihouse.

Q: Green tea without milk?
A: I’m on a health kick! I’m drawn to cheeseburgers, so I’ve got to just try and keep it on an even keel.

Q: DuringThe Devil Wears Prada, you and Anne Hathaway famously went on strict diets.

A: Hungry girls are mean, so it’s surprising we became such good friends….

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‘Get Him to the Greek': Emily Blunt casting rumor ‘untrue,’ says publicist

The Devil Wears Prada actress Emily Blunt has not signed on to appear alongside Russell Brand in the Forgetting Sarah Marshall sequel/spin-off movie Get Him to the Greek. Brand was reported to have told an Australian radio station that Blunt would star with him in the film and the story has been widely repeated on the Internet. But Blunt’s U.K. publicist told EW earlier today it was “untrue” that the actress had been cast in the Marshall sequel. Universal, the studio behind Forgetting Sarah Marshall, also tells EW that the rumor is false.

Source: Hollywood Insider