Why there’s never a dull moment for Emily Blunt

IN THE early 1840s, the UK’s celebrity magazine was the satirical Punch. And their Lindsay Lohan was a naive but feisty woman named Alexandrina Victoria.

“She was a total party animal; rebellious, vivacious, full of joie de vivre,” says Emily Blunt, chatting enthusiastically about her latest role as Queen Victoria in The Young Victoria. “She never stopped – riding horses all day, dancing until four o’clock in the morning. People today only think of her as the weeping widow, but she had a real zest for life.”

While the Victorian era is known for laced-up social attitudes, for rules and etiquette as uptight as a whale-bone corset, its tabloid columnists could be just as lethal as any Perez Hilton in their attacks on the monarch. [Read more…]

Emily is Top 20 Actresses Under 30

Emily Blunt is listed number #4 for LoveFilm.com’s Top 20 Actresses Under 30.

Age: 26
2008 ranking: 5
Credits: Young Victoria, Sunshine Cleaning, The Devil Wears Prada, The Jane Austen Book Club, My Summer Of Love, Charlie Wilson’s War, Dan In Real Life.
Blunt had the misfortune to lose out on Iron Man 2 this year because she was already committed to Gulliver’s Travels (Scarlett Johansson was Jon Favreau’s second choice). She accrued respect but not much excitement as The Young Victoria. But she wiped the floor with Amy Adams in Sunshine Cleaning, and should be fun flirting with Bill Nighy in the remake Wild Target. The Wolf Man is also in the can, and then there’s Philip K Dick’s The Adjustment Bureau to look forward to (with Matt Damon). Hot!


Universal Pictures pushes back release of ‘The Wolf Man’ yet again

Universal Pictures is once again pushing back the release date of its big-budget monster movie “The Wolf Man,” now to Feb. 12, some three months after the studio last planned to debut the remake directed by Joe Johnston and staring Benicio Del Toro, Emily Blunt and Anthony Hopkins.

This is the fourth release date for the picture, which has had a rocky history with extensive re-shoots earlier this year and a switch of directors early on in the project when Mark Romanek left over budgetary issues.

The first release date for the picture, which cost about $112 million, was Feb. 9, 2009. Universal then pushed it back to April 3, and then again to Nov. 6. [Read more…]

Emily Blunt dances Into “Bureau”

Emily Blunt will star opposite Matt Damon in “The Adjustment Bureau,” a sci-fi love story.

George Nolfi is directing the Universal Pictures project. The story, which Nolfi adapted from a Philip K. Dick short story, follows an on-the-rise congressman (Damon) who meets a beautiful ballet dancer only to discover that strange circumstances keep them apart.

Blunt will play the dancer.

Blunt, whose screen credits include “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Dan in Real Life” and “Charlie Wilson’s War,” will appear later this year in “The Wolf Man,” which is scheduled for a November 6 release. She is shooting “Gulliver’s Travels” with Jack Black in the U.K.

Source: Reuters

List UK Review: Sunshine Cleaning

Suicide may be painless, but in the world of black comedies, it’s the cleaning up afterwards that really hurts. After her hesitant Sylvia Plath biopic, director Christine Jeffs has latched on to a solid if unexceptional script by first-time writer Megan Holley, focusing on two sisters who set up a business to disinfect crime scenes in a New Mexico backwater.

Played by Enchanted’s Amy Adams, Rose Lorkowski is an ex-cheerleader and now single mother whose dismal domestic situation is not helped by looking out for her feckless sister Norah (Young Victoria’s Emily Blunt). Throw in Steve Zahn as Rose’s married lover Mac, and Alan Arkin playing the same kind of grouchy grandpa as in Little Miss Sunshine, and Sunshine Cleaning has performers perfectly qualified for a misfit comedy.

Where Jeffs and Holley mess up, however, is in the details; the bile and blood-soaked aftermath the sisters frequently have to clean up is simply too icky to generate laughs, while a subplot involving Norah’s lesbian attraction to the daughter of a suicide victim is poorly developed. Admirers of SherryBaby, Waitress and other small-town tragicomedies will want to take the time to salvage some well-tuned performances here; Adams shines in a blue-collar setting, playing off Blunt’s amusingly sullen posturing, and Arkin is reliable as ever.

(15) 91min. General release from Fri 26 Jun.

Reviewed by List Uk

Bring on the gay love, says Emily Blunt

The 26-year-old actress plays a woman caught up in a passionate lesbian love affair in new film ‘Sunshine Clearing’ and is excited about reaching a new fan base, even if she can’t fully relate to them.

She said: “I’m going to become a gay icon. Have I ever flirted with that side? No, never, but I do remember girl crushes on other girls in your year group at school.

“There are these girls who are magnetic and beautiful and so cool. You just feel yourself shrink in their presence. [Read more…]

Emily Blunt picks up American accent

English actress Emily Blunt’s ability to pick up an American accent on the spot has helped to land more roles in Hollywood.

Blunt, 26, who became famous for her roles as the young Queen Victoria and as an icy English fashion magazine assistant in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, will be appearing in a new movie ‘Sunshine Clearing’.

But she admits that she finds it a struggle to keep up the Yankie twang.

“If you’re in America a lot it’s easy to get into playing American,” the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

“All of it, the sounds, the energies, all very different. But it’s really hard to do the accent. I tend to try and stay in it all day, which is the only way I can manage it.

Source: Times of India