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Two sisters start a biohazard-removal service. With Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Alan Arkin. Director: Christine Jeffs. (1:42) R: Sexuality, language, adult situations. At the Landmark Sunshine and Lincoln Square.

There’s an air of death and exhaustion around the characters in “Sunshine Cleaning,” but hang on — it’s not at all off-putting.

Though this well-observed, wry drama is determined to be quirky, its most endearing quality, like that of its heroines, is a willingness to wallow in foul moods and come out the other side.

Rose Lorkowski (Amy Adams) is a thirtyish former cheerleader shambling through life in Albuquerque as a cleaning woman. Read more…

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 The tenderhearted performances—from Amy Adams and Emily Blunt—and glowing characters in Sunshine Cleaning never get a chance to burst through a foggy plot about sisters scrubbing up after grisly crime scenes.

The Bigger Picture: The old adage says: The best roles for actresses fall into three categories—hookers, victims, and doormats. The two sturdy, quirky heroines of Sunshine Cleaning break that rule. Good for them. But a patchy plot and dull direction blot out what could be a radiant portrait of women grappling with loss, ambition and life’s general messiness. Read more…

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Emily Blunt has been in more than a dozen movies, but most people seem to remember only one.

“It’s not like people say, ‘Oh, my gosh, are you Emily Blunt?’??” she says, laughing. “It’s more like, ‘Are you the girl in The Devil Wears Prada?’ I’m defined by it. And that’s okay.”

Her role in Prada—hapless but arrogant assistant to the dragon-lady fashion editor played by Meryl Streep—won her critical praise and legions of fans. She earned a Golden Globe nomination and all the work she could handle. Read more…

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Emily Blunt is perched ornamentally on a couch in the centre of an opulent suite in London’s Mandarin Oriental hotel. Her spike-heeled feet are pulled up and arranged beside her at an artful right-angle to the rest of her body. Her posture is as upright as a statue. To her growing Hollywood audience at least, who know her through her most famous roles in The Devil Wears Prada and The Jane Austen Book Club, Blunt has become known for a certain British froideur.

In person, however, she is decidedly warm-blooded. In direct contrast to her most high-profile role to date — that of the icy and neurotic Emily in The Devil Wears Prada, Blunt is gracious company and quick to laugh. Read more…

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Emily Blunt says sets on her new movie were so realistic they made her “heave”.

The ‘Young Victoria’ actress plays a crime scene cleaner in independent comedy ‘Sunshine Cleaning’ and admits the stench while filming some scenes almost overpowered her.

She said: “Oh, they were realistic. Particularly the trailer park one – that was gag-making. We walked on set and I felt myself heave, as it really did smell.

“And we had a fly wrangler on set. He breathes smoke on them, and they get a bit hazy and are not quite so sprightly – I don’t know how he does it.” Read more…

I’ve updated a new interview video of Emily & Rupert for the promoting ‘The Young Victoria‘ by Empire website.

As the youthful rulers of Grand Brittania in the Young Victoria, Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend were forced into crowns, crinoline, and britches. They talk corsetry, history lessons and a piercing of a certain part of the anatomy – and tell us why kissing Rupert is like rubbing up against a squirrel.

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