Four new films are set to propel Emily Blunt to Hollywood superstardom. But, as Alan Jackson learns over a ginger beer at her London flat, she’ll always take Roehampton over Rodeo Drive.It’s that extraordinary day in London, the recent Monday when snow covers everything and no buses run, when schools are closed and strangers smile at each other in the street, thus acknowledging both the beauty and sudden emptiness of an unexpectedly transformed capital. Emily Blunt needs to be in Los Angeles by tomorrow evening but the news is that all flights out of town have been delayed, if not cancelled.

Resourceful, the actress has booked a 5pm seat on Eurostar and now will seek to make her onward journey via Paris. That means she cannot meet me for tea this afternoon, as had been planned. And that’s why she has invited me to come instead to her apartment this lunchtime. An out-of-the-ordinary day indeed. Actors hardly ever invite journalists into their homes, unless of course they’re being paid to. Why would they? Read more…

Oscar nominee Amy Adams and ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ actress Emily Blunt are sisters in the new film ‘Sunshine Cleaning,’ a script Blunt calls the “best thing” she’s read in a long time.

‘Sunshine Cleaning’ is the name of the crime scene/bio hazard clean-up service the siblings start in order for Adam’s character to pay for her son’s private school tuition. “I love the dynamic of the family,” Adams says of the movie.

‘Sunshine Cleaning’ hits theaters March 13.

Miss Emily is featured on BlackBook Magazine in ‘Our Tribute to ‘Blue Velvet’ Starring Emily Blunt’, she looks stunning! I have been planning on doing a new layout so do expect a new layout on the way!

“I adore film noir style,” says actress Emily Blunt, shown here in the role of Dorothy Vallens, the tragic femme fatale in cult auteur David Lynch’s 1986 opusBlue Velvet. The kinkfest classic turned Isabella Rossellini into an icon, while pushing noir convention into the shadows of dangerously surreal Americana. “Blue Velvet is so dark and ethereal,” says Blunt. “It’s brooding yet artistic—I love it.”

Best known for her comedic roles—like a star-making breakthrough performance inThe Devil Wears Prada—Blunt had no problem channeling Rossellini’s smoky, knife-edge carnality. At the same time, the 25-year-old London native put her own wicked spin on the sexy transformation. A week later, she’s still buzzing about the results… Read more

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