Buble’s Burst Over Blunt

Michael Buble – or the Canadian Jamie Cullum as we prefer to think of him – is still devastated over his recent break-up.

Given that he was involved with the divine Emily Blunt, we can understand why.

Mind you, we still hate him for three years with her. The jammy git.

Talking to Entertainment Tonight Canada, Buble came over all lyrical. Instead of shrugging it off with a ‘that’s life’ comment, the crooner instead paraphrased the song of the same name. ‘I’ll go home and I’ll curl up in a ball and I’ll cry,’ he declared. ‘I’m not kidding. I’ll just cry.’

The split was, apparently, amicable.

‘Emily was a substantial person and amazing still. Top girl. Top class.

‘In my business it’s tough to go out with another artist because you’re never together. You’re lucky if you can see the person once every two to three months, and with Em, she was on her movies and I was doing my thing so it made it more difficult.’

Still, if you knew Emily Blunt was waiting for you somewhere you could fly to, you would, wouldn’t you?

Source: Megastar