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Emily Blunt defied Hollywood diet

by Grace
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Emily Blunt has revealed she was “watched like a hawk” to ensure she didn’t over-eat while making The Devil Wears Prada.

The 25-year-old British actress – who was playing a skinny, diet-obsessed fashion assistant in the film – told Harper’s Bazaar magazine she was shocked by the strict diet and decided to rebel.

Emily said: “I understand why I was asked to be like that for that role, my character was surviving on cubes of cheese at one point in the movie. But you need some kind of comfort when you’re on a film set all day, and mine’s usually food.

“I was being watched like a hawk, but by the end I’d be sneaking in doughnuts just to annoy the producers.”

The Young Victoria star – who is now tipped to be replacing Scarlett Johansson in the Iron Man sequel – has had further insight into the image obsessions of Hollywood. She revealed: “I did this photo shoot with a big name fashion photographer and he said ‘Just so you know, if you don’t like anything about yourself I can fix it afterwards – like that for example’ – pointing to my face.

“I was like ‘My chin?’

‘Yes, that cleft on your chin’, he said, to which I replied, ‘I wouldn’t mind keeping it, as it’s part of my face, you know’.”

Source: The Press Association

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