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Emily Blunt Going to ‘Dance Boot Camp’

by Angelic
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Emily Blunt is going to “dance boot camp”.

The ‘Young Victoria’ star is set to appear in ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ alongside Matt Damon and says that playing a ballerina will provide a new challenge for her.

She explained: “I’m going to dance boot camp. I’ll never be at the same standard as a professional, but hopefully I’ll be able to do a little bit.

“I didn’t do ballet when I was a child. I gave it up in some sort of bratty rage, claiming it hurt my feet.”‘The Adjustment Bureau’, which also stars Anthony Mackie, is a sci-fi thriller which sees Matt’s congressman character thrown into turmoil by the arrival into his life of Emily’s dancer character.

Filming is expected to start later this year, following Anthony completing work on ‘The Bacchae’.

Source: The Bosh

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