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Emily Blunt says no to corsets

Emily Blunt has revealed she’d like to leave the corsets behind for her future roles.

The Devil Wears Prada star has had to lace up into period costume for films like The Young Victoria and her upcoming parts in The Wolfman and Gulliver’s Travels, but said she’s had enough.

“I did three films in a row wearing a corset – I think my inner organs by the end of it were like: ‘Are you kidding? You’ve got to stop. You have to give us a break’ so I’m going to lay down the corset,” she told the Daily Express.

Emily – who’s engaged to Away We Go actor John Krasinski – added: “It’s sweat pants from here on out.”

Source: Bel Fast Telegraph

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Blunt: ‘Wolfman Will Win Over Fans in February’

Emily Blunt has heaped praise on movie executives for opting to delay the release of her new movie The Wolfman – because the extra time allowed director Joe Johnston to make a better film.

The film, in which Blunt stars alongside Benicio Del Toro and Sir Anthony Hopkins, was scheduled to hit cinemas this year (09), but now it will be released in February (10) – and the actress insists to decision to delay the project was the right one.

She tells WENN, “With a movie like that and all its special effects, it’s a big movie; you can’t accelerate it’s release date. It’s not fair. It just needed some more time. The film is so good. I’m really happy that they waited. Continue reading Blunt: ‘Wolfman Will Win Over Fans in February’

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Blunt comes of age as ‘Young Victoria’

God save the queens, and the movies about them.

Recalling Cate Blanchett’s emergence in “Elizabeth” (1998), Emily Blunt turns in a star-makingly regal performance in the first-rate period drama “The Young Victoria.”

The film, directed by Quebecois filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallee, scripted by Julian Fellowes (“Gosford Park”) and produced by Martin Scorsese and Sarah Ferguson, is a smart portrait of the 19th century chess game that is European royal political maneuvering. In particular it reveals the brokering of brides and grooms (I get it, Duchess), that goes on as the continental powers wane and the British Empire newly rises. Continue reading Blunt comes of age as ‘Young Victoria’

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Emily Blunt, Discovering A Vital ‘Young Victoria’

This holiday season, make way for the Queen. Queen Victoria, that is — and not the sour, black-clad matron you think you know. In The Young Victoria, Emily Blunt plays the monarch before she took the throne — as a beautiful, sheltered teenager and then in the first flush of passion with her young husband, Prince Albert.

The actress tells NPR’s Linda Wertheimer that she got to know that younger Victoria through her diaries and her letters, and through accounts of court life that portrayed “this vibrant girl” — a budding woman who danced late into the night, and who was in all ways much in love with life.

“There were anecdotes from people at court who would say that she would laugh so hard at dinner that food would fall out of her mouth,” Blunt says. “She was a party girl — she was rebellious.”

‘He Was By Far Her Greatest Achievement’

Rebellious, because although Victoria was heir to the throne, her ambitious mother kept her isolated and largely friendless, hoping to consolidate her own influence. The princess was in many ways a prisoner of the life she was born into.

“I think it was incredibly lonely,” Blunt says. “She wasn’t allowed any privacy; she wasn’t allowed to play. She slept in the same room as her mother until she was 18. … But she was one of these very resilient girls, and I don’t really understand how she was able to be that strong in wanting what was rightly hers — which was to rule independent of anyone who had been trying to handle or control her for all those years.” Continue reading Emily Blunt, Discovering A Vital ‘Young Victoria’