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Emily Blunt Listed LA Times’s ‘Top 10 Actresses Under 30’

One of the most respected and recognized film bloggers and former film writer for the Los Angeles Times, Scott Feinberg has just announced his list of the top 10 actresses under 30. Kristen comes in at number 8 on the very prestigious list.

1. Anne Hathaway, 27
2. Keira Knightley, 25
3. Natalie Portman, 29
4. Emily Blunt, 27
5. Evan Rachel Wood, 22
6. Michelle Williams, 29
7. Ellen Page, 23
8. Kristen Stewart, 19
9. Carey Mulligan, 24
10. Saoirse Ronan, 15

Source: Hollywood News

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Bublé, Blunt ‘naive about relationship’

Michael Bublé has admitted that he wishes he had not been so open about his relationship with Emily Blunt.

The singer, who broke up with Blunt in 2008 after a three-year romance, explained that he has learnt to be more private now.

“We were naive, I think,” he told The Providence Journal.

“We were both excited about the relationship, and we talked openly about it, and I think we both learned that when you give away even little things, they’re not yours anymore. So I’ve learned just to keep my private life private.”

Earlier this year, Blunt confessed that he previously had “issues” in his relationships.

Source: Digital Spy

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Update about Captain America’s leading lady

It was previously reported that Steve Rogers’ love interest was Betsy Ross but Deadline is reporting the love interest is Peggy Carter:

UPDATE: Marvel Studios is also testing leads for the female role of Peggy Carter. While Marvel is looking for an American actor to play Captain America, the candidates for the female lead are British. So far, Keira Knightley, Alice Eve and Emily Blunt are under consideration. Blunt is known to be a favorite of Marvel brass. She was offered the role of Black Widow in Iron Man 2, until Fox exercised an option it held on the actress and put her into Gulliver’s Travels. Scarlett Johansson took the role.

More info about the love interest:
The female role is that of Peggy Carter, a girlfriend of Captain America during World War II. She was also an American agent serving with the French Resistance. She has standard military training and is handy with a gun. She is also a competent spy and detective. Her niece Sharon Carter becomes a prominent figure later on in Captain’s life as she works for The Avengers and occasionally dates Steve Rogers.

Source: ONTD