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Ballet ‘tough and scary’ for Emily

by Grace
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Emily Blunt has admitted learning ballet was the toughest thing she has had to do.

The Wild Target actress – who had “never danced” – had to study it for her new film, The Adjustment Bureau, where she plays a ballet dancer who falls in love with a congressman, played by Matt Damon.

“It was really tough, the hardest and scariest thing I’ve ever had to do – I was in boot camp for a long time,” she told Total Film.

Emily was thrilled to star alongside Matt.

“It’s a real experience; I’ve admired (him) for so long,” she said.“The magic of the job is the camaraderie that you have on those film sets and the accelerated friendships.”

While the 27-year-old openly talks about her ballet experiences, she is more tight-lipped about the film’s plot, which is loosely based on Philip K Dick’s short story Adjustment Team.

“Like all of Philip’s work, it’s about creeping under people’s paranoia,” she added.

Source: Press Association

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