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Emily Blunt was a tomboy child

Emily Blunt was a childhood tomboy.

The ‘Devil Wears Prada’ actress – who is renowned for her sense of style – admitted she had more boyish interests and hated being dressed in feminine clothes when she was a youngster.

She said: “I never dreamed of being a princess when I was a child – I wanted to be on the soccer team. I wasn’t into Barbie dolls and swore I’d never, ever wear pink. I’d throw tantrums if my mum put me in pink clothes. Not a girlie girl at all.”

However Emily – who married actor John Krasinski in Italy this summer – thinks being a tomboy has helped her to cope on male dominated movie sets.

She explained to Company magazine: “I like being one of the boys. It usually ends up being the case anyway because there’s often one female part to every five male parts on a film set. When you’re outnumbered you have to be willing to accept that there might be crass humor going around, but you get used to it.”

Source: Ask Men

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Emily Blunt To Have A Five-Year Engagement

Emily Blunt has been offered the leading female character in Universal romantic comedy ‘Five-Year Engagement’ alongside Jason Segal.

Emily Blunt has been offered the lead role in romantic comedy ‘Five-Year Engagement’.

The British actress – best known for her appearance in fashion movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ – would appear alongside Jason Segal in the movie, which will be directed by Nicholas Stoller.

Little is known about the plot of ‘Five-Year Engagement’, although Judd Apatow is signed up to produce the project, which is being funded by Universal, New York Magazine’s Vulture blog reports. Continue reading Emily Blunt To Have A Five-Year Engagement

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Rosemarie DeWitt Replaces Rachel Weisz In Lynn Shelton’s Untitled Comedy

With Rachel Weisz signing on for a number of projects all shooting within the next short while, we figured at least one of them was going to get left in the dust.

As you might recall, early last month Weisz signed on to star in an untitled new film from director Lynn Shelton, who was behind last year’s Sundance hit “Humpday.” The semi-improvised film—which also stars Emily Blunt and Mark Duplass—revolves around a man who comes between two sisters, but it looks like Blunt will be getting a new sibling. Variety reports that Rosemarie DeWitt will replacing Weisz, who has bowed out of the picture.

For Shelton, while it means losing a major star for her film, she is still gaining a strong actress who will certainly be more than able to tackle the material. As for Weisz, we presume this clears up her calendar a bit so she can continue work on a host of projects that include Terrence Malick‘s forthcoming effort, Fernando Meirelles’ ”360,” Terrence Davies‘s “The Deep Blue Sea” and the recently announced spy thriller from David Hare “Page 8.”

Source: Indie Wire

'Gulliver's Travels' Media Updates

Moviefone Debuts New ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ Trailer!

Funnyman Jack Black is literally taking on the biggest role of his career in ‘Gulliver’s Travels,’ the upcoming 3D film in which he plays a magazine mailroom clerk who talks his way into writing a piece on the Bermuda Triangle. Naturally, upon arriving, he gets sucked into a secret world — called Lilliput — where he’s much bigger than the native inhabitants.

As the titular character, Black looks at ease as he goes for — wait for it — big jokes, though the trailer also puts the spotlight on the movie’s awesome supporting cast, most notably Jason Segel as a suitor in love with a princess (Emily Blunt) who thinks the Millennium Falcon is actually real.