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Emily Blunt Stills Get Chatted Up

EMILY Blunt gets bombarded with cheesy chat up lines — despite being married.

The actress — who wed The Office actor John Krasinski earlier this year — says she still gets approached by men.

“There’s definitely some boring chat-up lines out there which I always loath,” says Emily.

“But I have never actually embarked on anything with a boring incessant suitor and of course I never would now!”

Emily recently revealed she wanted to be a boy when she was younger. Continue reading Emily Blunt Stills Get Chatted Up

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Emily Blunt jokes about disliking co-star

Emily Blunt has joked that she agreed to star in Gulliver’s Travels “for every reason other than Billy Connolly”.

The 27-year-old actress appears alongside a host of stars including Jack Black and Scottish funnyman Billy in the family comedy which has been adapted from the classic novel by Jonathan Swift.

Emily was excited to be involved in the film, which follows the adventures of a man named Lemuel Gulliver – played by Jack – as he ends up stranded on an island of little people. Emily portrays the island’s Princess Mary, and teased Billy that her enthusiasm for the project was nothing to do with him. Continue reading Emily Blunt jokes about disliking co-star

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Blunt hates watching 3D movies

Hollywood actor Emily Blunt finds the experience of watching 3D movies tormenting, as she feels ‘uncomfortable’ wearing the special glasses.

The Devil Wears Prada star insists she still grapples with the 3D glasses over her own prescribed lens, while watching films shot with the new technology, Contactmusic reported.

“Do you wear your glasses and the 3D glasses? Because that’s what I have to do and I find it an uncomfortable experience!,” said the 27-year-old.

Gulliver’s Travels, which sees Blunt essaying the role of princess Glory in the movie, traces the titular character’s adventures in a land inhabited by miniature people. Continue reading Blunt hates watching 3D movies

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FILMCLUB Talks To Stars Of Gulliver’s Travels

Emily Blunt and Billy Connolly speak to the junior reporters…

Cinema-goers are set to be transported to the miniature world of Lilliput on Boxing Day, when a new big screen adaptation of Gulliver’s Travels is released starring Jack Black.

Children’s education charity FILMCLUB sent along two junior reporters to interview the film’s stars Emily Blunt and Billy Connolly, and director Rob Letterman. Continue reading FILMCLUB Talks To Stars Of Gulliver’s Travels

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Emily Blunt ‘wants Office role’

Emily Blunt has revealed that she would like to appear on NBC’s The Office.

The actress, who is the real-life wife of Officestar John Krasinski, joked to E! Online that the show has turned her down in the past.

“Oh yeah, I would love to do it!” she said. “I’m… clawing at the door [but] they’re like, ‘No, sorry’.”

The Gulliver’s Travels star admitted that she would like to play a love interest for Krasinski’s Jim Halpert.

“John obviously has loyalty to [on-screen wife] Jenna Fischer,” she explained. “I’m just aiming too high.”

The Office will return to NBC on January 20.

Source: Digital Spy