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Emily Blunt Supports Meryl Streep’s Plan To Not ‘Lose The F–ing Weight’ For The Devil Wears Prada Sequel

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I like this trend of actresses saying a potential yes to the Devil Wears Prada movie sequel, but with conditions. First Meryl Streep had that amazing reaction, and now Emily Blunt is following suit. Talking to HuffPo UK about whether she’d reprise the role of hilariously droll “first assistant” Emily, she laid down the law:

“What Meryl said was she’d do it if she didn’t have to lose the f***ing weight, that was her quote.

“And I’d probably say the same because they made me lose weight for that. I was playing that character who was on the edge of ill thin just desperately trying to maintain her weight.

“I feel with sequels you can be in tricky territory because that movie was so special and cool, so we’ll see if everyone else wants to do it.”

I’d be curious if weight actually became a deal breaker on this! One could argue that as actors, these ladies are paid to approximate their characters down to waist size. After all, you have to imagine that part of the brilliance of Emily’s scene where she details how she licks blocks of cheese as dinner was that the actress Emily probably hadn’t been grabbing lunch from the craft services table on-set.

At the same time, it sucks when Hollywood expects its actresses to whittle themselves down to an unhealthy weight. Plus, since Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns is set eight years after the first book and has everyone older and (hopefully) working in more humane conditions, it might actually fit that they’d be a normal weight instead of skin and bones. Either way, good for Emily for standing up for herself. Now we’re waiting to hear from Anne Hathaway, who was more than willing to drop the pounds to play a starving prostitute in Les Miserables.

Source: Crushable

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