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Emily Blunt Shares Her Secret for Getting Lost in Character

It was a completely alien world to me. I don’t have the guts. I spoke to four women in the FBI — I based Kate on one of the women that had the innate toughness and cool essence to her personality, and yet she was quite shy.

My character goes through an extremely difficult experience: She is highly skilled, but she’s thrown into a world she finds incoher­ent. The most challenging part of playing Kate was trying to show a character who is not naive but has a pure moral compass, who is tough but also over her head.

She is not one thing. It is a film about the gray matter of the war on drugs — and humanity.

The toughest scene was when Jon Bernthal’s Ted attacks me in my apartment: There needed to be a desperate struggle that was not over-choreographed.

The adrenaline and the reality of feeling very overpowered by some­one bigger and stronger than you seeps through your skin, whether you want it to or not. I have never been an actor to take my work home with me, but after that physical conflict, I got home and didn’t sleep for two nights.