Emily Blunt Introduces Kelly Clarkson to Her Favorite Candy of All Time: ‘Light as Air’

“You might not have heard of them, but they’re called Maltesers,” Blunt said on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’

Emily Blunt is very protective of her favorite candy.

During the May 8 episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly Clarkson asked the Oppenheimer actress what her favorite theater snack is — and her answer is likely surprising to most Americans.

“You might not have heard of them, but they’re called Maltesers,” Blunt revealed.

“That’s a dog. That’s an actual dog,” Clarkson hilariously responded, confusing the chocolates for the Maltese dog breed.

Blunt stood by her go-to sweets choice by telling Clarkson, “It’s not a dog. It’s basically the better version of a Whopper. You’ve got to try them.”

The talk show host’s production team then actually brought out a big bowl of the candy — and Blunt looked stunned. “Bring them in!” she said, telling Clarkson, “Try one! You’re going to be converted to the church of ‘tesers”

Clarkson then admitted she wasn’t really a Whoppers fan either. “I’m a Milk Duds girl,” she added.

Blunt took a bite of one and made a loud noise of satisfaction while Clarkson had lots of trouble swallowing it. “Go with it. They’re lighter than air,” Blunt said.

The “Because Of You” singer likened the flavor to “a malt,” which prompted the Devil Wears Prada actress to reiterate the name. “A Malteser,” she said with emphasis on the three syllables. Clarkson came to realize the context clues and got up laughing.

“I’m going to say that’s probably the only one I’m ever going to have,” Clarkson admitted as the audience roared with laughter.

The show’s clip, which was posted to TikTok, garnered some mixed reviews about the candy from fans in the comments. One user wrote, “Love me a malteser,” while another person wrote, “Maltesers with popcorn.. game changer.”

There were fans who took Clarkson’s side when it comes to the bite-sized confection. “Very chalky,” one user commented. “I love Kelly!! I’m a milk dude fan too!! Never a whopper fan🥰😂😂🥰,” wrote another.

In 2023, during LADbible’s Agree to Disagree series, Blunt once again defended British food — this time up against Oppenheimer costar Matt Damon. “Have you ever had a lovely roast, a Sunday roast?” she asked him.

“Do you know you’re known for having horrible food?” Damon replied. “It’s like a thing.”

After Blunt then proclaimed that she’s not a fan of eating “cheeseburgers and nuggets all the time,” the Departed actor wouldn’t back down.

“That’s all we have in America? You know what’s great about America? We are a melting pot of all the other countries,” he said. “So all the best food…”