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Emily Blunt says horror films “not beneficial to society.”

The Wolfman’s Emily Blunt has said slasher movies are bad for society. Watch our exclusive video interview.

Actress Emily Blunt has revealed she doesn’t watch horror movies as she believes they aren’t “beneficial to society”. The Wolfman star admits that, while horror movie terrified her as a child, she no longer watches them. “There’s a lot of slasher movies around and I’m not interested in seeing that,” Emily exclusively told handbag.com. “It’s just about human torture and I don’t want to watch that. I don’t think it’s beneficial to society to watch a film like that, I really don’t.”

Blunt, 26, also moaned that it wasn’t fun filming scenes with Benicio Del Toro’s werewolf. “I was generally grossed out by it,” Emily explained. “To be covered in wolf spit and wolf blood is not fun. But it was good to get all messy and sweaty for this one.”

But life for Emily is not always so unglamorous. We asked her how she decides what to wear to red carpet events and she admitted, “You shouldn’t care what people think, it’s so subjective people are either going to hate it or they’re going to like it,” the actress advised. “So I always wear what feels right or something that I’ve never worn before. I think it’s nice to do something that feels like you could get annihilated for it, I think that’s always a good way to go about it.”

The Wolfman is in cinemas nationwide from Friday 12 February.

Source: HAndBag