'The Wolf Man'

Comic-Con: Benicio, the Wolf Man

Unannounced star Benicio Del Toro introduced “The Wolf Man” trailer as he sat beside costar Emily Blunt and makeup/FX guru Rick Baker.

Baker enjoyed the experience, and let it be known that “Bene” is “a monster fan.  Everytime we’d do the makeup, he’d come in with a different magazine” showcasing the Wolf Man or another monster movie.  And for Del Toro, it was definitely a role he wanted.

“Becoming [the Wolf Man], putting it on and  getting in character … that was exciting,” said Del Toro. “It was taking it off that was difficult.” Continue reading Comic-Con: Benicio, the Wolf Man

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Buble Upsets Mom with Blunt Split

Canadian crooner Michael Buble’s split from girlfriend Emily Blunt has left his family devastated – because they loved the actress.

The singer’s publicist, Liz Rosenberg, confirmed the couple had ended a three year romance over the weekend.

But the break-up may have hit Buble’s mother, Amber, the hardest.

In a recent interview, she said, “If he doesn’t marry her, I might kill him.”

And even though Buble and Blunt have split, Mama Buble still hopes to call The Devil Wears Prada star a member of her family. Continue reading Buble Upsets Mom with Blunt Split