The post-production of The Young Victoria carried out in Montreal

Below is the article has been translated.

Whereas Montreal saw difficult hours as regards foreign turnings, Jean-Marc Vallée succeeded in attracting there the post-production of her film The Young Victoria, a production of 35 M$ turned to London l’ last year. “C’ is one my great prides d’ to have made a success of that”, lance the Québécois realizer, met yesterday afternoon with l’ occasion of the release of the Blu-ray version of the DVD of its film C.R.A.Z.Y. The Young Victoria, a film on the life of the Victoria queen produces by Martin Scorsese and his producer Graham King, scenarized by Julian Fellowes (gaining d’ a Oscar for Gosford Park) and putting in the high-speed motorboat Emily Blunt, Paul Bettany and Jim Broadbent, was turned on about fifty l’ days; autumn passed to London.

“The post-production of The Young Victoria was at the beginning to be done in London and Los Angeles, but a qu’ offer was made to them; they could not refuse, explains Vallée. The designer d’ visual effects of film, Marc Side, has his house of post-production (Fake Studio) here, in Montreal, and he preferred to work here. The deal qu’ one offered to them with Marc Côté and Claude Gagnon (of the Technicolor studio) was super-good with the appropriations d’ taxes. “And créativement, c’ is l’ ideal: that enables me to do that at home, in happiness. Already, with the préproduction and turning, j’ was with l’ outside of Quebec for eight month. Then j’ were in a hurry to return at home.

To continue to have the creative control of the film d’ here and with people with whom I am accustomed to work, c’ was important too. J’ also succeeded in attracting in l’ venture the chief decorator Patrice Bricault-Vermette and the sound originator Martin Pinsonneault, who were also on C.R.A.Z.Y. There will be thus much Quebec in this film… “And what is very funny in all that, c’ is that Fake Studio is located street Queen, very close to the statue of the Victoria queen, between Wellington, not far from Peel. Wellington and Peel are main characters of film.

One is thus surrounded by these British colonizers to make the post-production of film!” Creative freedom The post-production of The Young Victoria, which began there is nearly one year (in November 2007), is aujourd’ today almost finished. Remain now the question of the music to regulate. Jean-Marc Vallée worked on the musical tape during one year and half with the famous Icelandic group Sigur Rós, but n’ l’ did not obtain yet; approval of its producers.

“C’ is the battle which remains me to be finished, underlines it. But if not, j’ made the film which I wanted. I even think that j’ ever made a beautiful film like that. It was made in happiness and with an incredible creative freedom. I am blessed, still aujourd’ today, j’ in do not return. In comparison, C.R.A.Z.Y. was made in the suffering, not in this fluidity. And when I look at The Young Victoria, I am impressed by the beauty of the result. One turned in 17 castles. C’ is of any beauty! For the continuation, I touch drink, j’ am in a hurry to see whether the receipt will go.” The Young Victoria will leave to England d’ here Christmas and in North America thereafter.

Source: Cameo