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Emily Blunt on losing Black Widow…

by Angelic
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I start the question and I can hear the eyes rolling even over the phone.

“Ohhh boy,” says Emily Blunt, bracing for the Black Widow/Iron Man 2 question. She was director Jon Favreau’s pick to play Black Widow, Russian spy and sexy villainess, to Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man in the about-to-film sequel to last summer’s comic book film smash. But Favreau revealed on the Oscar red carpet that Fox was exercising its option to have her in the new Gulliver’s Travels that studio is backing (Jack Black has the title role, Rob Letterman is directing). So no Emily. “I’m okay,” Blunt says with a sigh. “Because I just have to do this Fox movie, and it’s fine and I’m gonna have fun. The whole beginning of the year has been rather dramatic, so I’d just rather go in with fresh eyes and know that I’ve made the right decision. You just don’t know until it’s all finished and done with, do you?”

And telling her “Well, the sequel’s almost never as good as the original” doesn’t help. “I’m glad you said that, not me. It’s a little disappointing is all I can say.”
She’s got the terrific Sunshine Cleaning and The Young Victoria, in which she plays the 19th Queen in the making, that she’s very high on.Both of those hit theaters (Sunshine here, Victoria in the UK) in March and April.

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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