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Emily Blunt Hates Gloves

by Angelic
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 Emily Blunt hated wearing gloves for her role in new movie The Young Victoria.

The British actress plays a young version of late British monarch Queen Victoria in the upcoming flick.

And Emily admits her aversion to sporting handwear became somewhat problematic during filming.

She says, “The things I really loathed were the gloves and all of the Victorian ladies wore them nearly all the time.

“And I hate the bloody things and always have all my life.“I don’t know why but I find them repulsive. I’d scream if my mother tried to make me wear them as a child – it must be a phobia.

“If I tried to film a scene in The Young Victoria without them Julian Fellowes [scriptwriter] was always standing nearby, wagging his finger and telling me to put them on. Gloves are worse than corsets any day.”

Source: Show Biz Spy

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