Matt Damon & Emily Blunt Reveal They’re Neighbors & Go On Double Dates (EXCLUSIVE)

Matt Damon and Emily Blunt are ready to see “Oppenheimer” ignite the box office. The A-listers spoke with Access Hollywood recently about their anticipated new film and how impressed they were with not only director Christopher Nolan’s vision but also star Cillian Murphy’s performance as the title scientist behind the development of the atomic bomb. The co-stars also enjoyed working with each other again more than a decade after teaming up for 2011’s “The Adjustment Bureau,” in which they played love interests. Now, the pair are friends and neighbors and admitted to Access that they go on double dates “all the time” with their respective spouses! The stars also went on to share their positive first impressions of each other from their early time on “The Adjustment Bureau.” “He was so nice to me, I auditioned for it,” Emily recalled of Matt. “And I know he’d seen like four other chicks that day and he was so lovely and fun and we [improvised] a lot and it was really cool.” Matt also remembers the experience fondly but added that Emily made it easy for him to decide on his leading lady.
“You just came in and slaughtered the audition. You did, you crushed,” he said. “Oppenheimer” opens in theaters July 21.