Comic-Con: Benicio, the Wolf Man

Unannounced star Benicio Del Toro introduced “The Wolf Man” trailer as he sat beside costar Emily Blunt and makeup/FX guru Rick Baker.

Baker enjoyed the experience, and let it be known that “Bene” is “a monster fan.  Everytime we’d do the makeup, he’d come in with a different magazine” showcasing the Wolf Man or another monster movie.  And for Del Toro, it was definitely a role he wanted.

“Becoming [the Wolf Man], putting it on and  getting in character … that was exciting,” said Del Toro. “It was taking it off that was difficult.”

Blunt, for her part, did not believe it was difficult to act in.

“When I heard they were doing a monster movie, I said ‘Hey, I can run and I can scream,” said Blunt. “The first time I saw it [Benicio in full makeup], it was really disconcerting.  … I really was running.  In a corset!”

Many of the questions were directed toward Rick Baker,  Here’s a sampling:

Is the makeup harder to do on a movie like “Wolf Man” as opposed to “Norbit?”

Baker: The makeup, like a Mr. Wong, an older Asian man played by Eddie Murphy [in “Coming to America”], was actually harder to do than “The Wolf Man.”

Practical makeup & effects versus CGI?

I think that if it’s done right, they can actually work hand in hand.  [For “The Wolf Man],
it’s more of an old-fashioned gothic film.

Can you comment on Stan Winston’s passing?

It’s really so sad to lose Stan … People always thought that we hated each other because we competed for the same jobs.  And they’re right. I hated him … He was a bastard …  But really, it’s a wonderful thing when you have someone [who’s your rival] that cares about what you’re doing so much, it helps you out.

Source: LA Times